Beerfest in a Box

You, like me, may be missing beer festivals this year. Covid-19 has taken away that pleasure, at least for this year. But the clever folks at Alberta...

Recipe: Leaves of Change

Made with the beautiful purple-blue Empress 1908 Gin, this creative cocktail takes advantage of this fall’s fresh crop of Okanagan pears, too

From construction to cuvees

The smell of the vineyards during harvest. Dust. Soil. The sweet scent of the grapes, like honey. The sound of bees, and the workers singing and laughing when they were finally finished picking for another year.

That’s what Ermengildo (“Joe,” to pretty much everyone) Giusti remembers about being a child growing up on a farm in Italy’s Veneto region.

If you like pina coladas…

International Pina Colada Day takes place July 10 and, if you've never had one of the sweet, powerful drinks, here's the perfect time.

The Pina Colada was...

Recipe: Mountain Hops cocktail

Here's a cocktail to try today, from Burwood Distillery and the bartending team at the award-winning restaurant The Bison, in Banff, Alberta.

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Just brew it

By Shelley Boettcher

Behind every great cup of coffee, there are dedicated coffee lovers—the roasters, baristas and buyers. They find us the world’s best...

Finding wine paradise in Switzerland

Had they not done their homework before arriving in the land of precision time pieces, Swiss army knives and Lindt chocolate, first-time visitors might be unaware of a centuries-old, proud tradition among the Swiss: the approximately 15,000 hectares of vineyards throughout the country producing over 200 grape varieties,