Advent: WTF day is it anyway?!

If I count correctly, it’s the 9,000th day of 2021 – and the 19th day of December.

Here, then, is our latest recommendation for the food- and wine-lover in your life, this holiday month. Omicron, be damned. We want booze. And food. And friends and fun. And if we can’t have friends and fun, well, at least we have booze and food.

Day 19: Anything by Peat’s Beast.

Peat’s Beast Whisky

(Islay, Scotland, United Kingdom)

This rather mysterious, delicious, seriously peaty Scotch whisky is light straw in colour, with those gorgeous, bossy, smoky, iodine, seawater, salt, banana flavours and aromas, this beast (the name does say it all) is a must for anyone who is a fan of Compass Box, Lagavulin, Ardbeg-style scotches. Created in 2011 by one of the sales directors behind Dalmore and Jura, it’s hypnotic. We couldn’t get enough of it. Non-chill-filtered. Hard to find, but if you can source it, it’s about $85 CDN. Also, check out that awesome label!

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