Bar wins Best Caesar award

Sorso Lounge, located in Airdrie, Alberta, has beat out more than 255 restaurants across Canada to win the Mott’s Clamato 2021 Best Caesar in Town award.

Lead bartender London Richard’s creation, Suffering Caesar, was inspired by Guatemalan worry dolls and features pineapple rum, black fermented garlic, mango nectar and bone marrow ice cubes. (Yes, bone marrow ice cubes.)

The award comes with national recognition and a cheque for $25,000.

But, despite the difficulties that Sorso Lounge – and, indeed, every other restaurant – has gone through this past year, the restaurant team decided to take the winnings and invest back in the community that has supported them.

They met with local charities, including a healthcare foundation and service dog groups, to divvy up the funds and give back.

“The community was there for us when we needed them, so now it’s our turn to support them,” Richard said in a news release.

If you’re not Canadian, and you’re reading this, you may be wondering what a Caesar even is. It’s a famous Canadian cocktail invented by one Walter Chell at the Calgary Inn in Calgary. It typically contains vodka, tomato-clam juice (“clamato”), hot sauce and a celery stick for garnish.

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