New product alert: Lemon Life Hard Selzer

Hard selzers are big these days, some of the most popular booze on the market – and for a pretty good reason. They’re low in calories and low in carbs, but they still give a flavour-packed zing for adults looking for a tasty alternative to carb-heavy or calorie-laden drinks.

Lemon Life Hard Lemonade Selzers are some of the newest in Alberta. Flavours include Pineapple, Strawberry, Lemonade and Mango. Each can is about 100 calories and about 1 gram of sugar — but there’s flavour to spare. My personal favourite was the straight-ahead lemonade, but in an impromptu taste test with two friends, one preferred the pineapple while another preferred the mango. (Sorry, strawberry. Someone else out there, I’m sure, will give you the love you deserve.) Just a heads up, there’s stevia in these drinks, which does give a slight aftertaste. About $14 for a six-pack.