New product alert: The Busker Irish Whiskey: Triple Cask Triple Smooth

I didn’t know I needed a new Irish Whiskey, to be honest, but I’m definitely a fan. There are at least four or five tucked behind the vintage mahogany doors of our liquor cabinet.

That’s why I was curious when this new offering, The Busker Irish Whisky: Triple Cask Triple Smooth, landed on my desk.

From the Royal Oak Distillery in Southeast Ireland, it’s new to my market and is worth seeking out for anyone looking for an uber-affordable introduction to the spirits category.

Matured and finished in Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and Marsala Casks (the triple casks reference), it is fresh, spicy and ideal for cocktails or sipping around a summer bonfire over ice. As for Royal Oak Distillery, it opened in 2016 and has been owned by the Italian company, Illva Saronno, since 2019. About $36.

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