Senorio de Astobiza, Astobiza 2018 Txakoli

(Txakoli de Alava, Spain)

Pronounced “tcha-ko-lee”, this wine style is typically made of Indigenous Spanish grapes such as Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza (believed to have come from Cabernet Franc), found in Spain’s Basque region. Astobiza’s fine example is crisp, zingy and relatively light-bodied. From a small family-owned winery, it’s organic, hand-harvested and single-vineyard, too. Drink it now — it’s not made for cellaring. Gorgeous with smoked salmon, and it’d be a natural with sushi or sashimi, too. Serve chilled. Vintage may vary depending on your location; the 2019 has also been released. About $24.