The global connections behind Sunday’s Whisky

We’ve been travelling vicariously through our glasses a lot this past year, and Sunday’s Whisky, new to Alberta as of Fall 2020, is just one of the great global spirits we’ve been lucky to try.

The story literally covers much of the planet: Sunday’s Whisky is made in Japan, but four of the five partners come from Canada: Lindsay Jang was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Three others (Elliot Faber, Alex Staniloff and Matt Abergal) come from Calgary.

Abergal is a chef and author, whose gorgeous book Chicken and Charcoal was published by Phaidon in 2018.

For more than a decade, he has been working with Jang and Faber, developing Japanese-inspired eateries in Hong Kong — most notably Yardbird and Ronin.

(Also worth mentioning: Faber worked with Artisan SakeMaker in Vancouver earlier in his career.) 

Then there’s Suchit Majmudar, the CEO; he lives in Colorado and used to work for Lululemon.

The five teamed up to create a whisky made in Japan, a partnership with Sasanokawa Shuzo, a distillery in Koriyama that has been making spirits for 255 years.

As for Sunday’s Whisky, it’s a smooth, mellow whisky that has aged mostly in ex-Bourbon casks. It’s perfect for an old-fashioned or for any cocktails featuring orange, lemon or yuzu. About $82/bottle.